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History of Thorn Marine

The Bridgewater canal reach Stockton heath about 1772, the area around London Bridge and Thorn Marine developed over the next few years and became known as Stockton Quays, there was warehousing, an inn, toll house,Blacksmiths, stabling, barns,  and bank riders cottages. one of these bank riders cottages became Thorn Marine.

A very successful packet boat service started up running from the London Bridge Inn to Manchester allowing the gentry to travel in style and comfort on the last part of there journey to Manchester, good were also shipped from the warehouse over the road, The boats were in them days pulled by horses, and unusually the horse for the packet boat were trotted along the towpath and were ridden by "Bank riders" who lived in what is now Thorn Marine.

The quays at thorn marine were also used by Caldwells to ship there tools spades, picks, etc for the gold rush in america and the First World War. The good were shipped to Liverpool where they were loaded onto sea going ships

During the First and second world wars the canal was also used to move munitions and men to Liverpool to be shipped across for the war effort.