Bottled Gas (LPG)and BBQ Gas

LPG Bottled gas and Patio Gas

We stock a wide range of bottled gas from Harris Gas (and Extra Gas).  We have  patio gas/BBQ gas in both 6 and 11kg, butane bottles in both 7 and 12kg, Propane from 6 to 46kg.

If you require a new bottle there is a one off bottle charge to be paid on top of the Gas price, this is dictated to us by our supplier, some suppliers call it a bottle deposit but is is very rare you will get you deposit back!

If you are planning to get a new BBQ please check with us before you get your gas from your BBQ supplier as we are usually cheaper and more convenient.

We are not now FloGas/Alta Gas agents and have not been since 2016, we cannot take any of their bottles in exchange.