Thorn Marine Covid-19 (corona virus) June 2020

Conronavirus is going to have a massive impact on all small businesses

We believe that the impact of COVID-19 is the biggest threat to our business in the 28 years we have been running Thorn Marine.  We also believe the sectors that are going to be hit the hardest are retail, leisure and travel.  These are our main areas of business!!!

A lot of things have Changed since our last update in April.

Below we have detailed what we are currently doing with in each area of our business.

This page was updated 5th June 2020

Day Boat Hire

The Day boat can now go out!

Social distancing at its best what better way than cruising down the middle of the canal!  However groups are limited to members of the same household and those within your family bubble. We have had several cancellations due to the face it was groups of people so we do still have availability throughout the summer.

We will be contacting all the people who have bookings for the next few months to see what they want to do and can either moved them to a new date or refunded them, this will be on a rolling program as things change frequently.  We have taken the unusual step of opening up next years diary so we can move your booking to 2021, this is only for existing booking.  If you wish to contact us to reschedule the please call us on 01925 265129.

In the 23 years Thorn Marine have operated a Day boat we have never seen anything like this before, even during foot and mouth and CJD!

Dayboat hire Bridgewater canal Warrington Cheshire
Cheshire Cat hire boat thorn marine warrington

Short Break Hire (overnight boat hire)

Overnight hire, hopefully from, July.

Hire boats that you sleep over night on are still not allowed to operate!  We believe that is restriction will be lifted on 4th July along with B&B's, Hotels, Caravan Parks, etc.  It is highly likely that initially it will be restricted to members of the same household!

If you have boat booked with Thorn Marine we will contact you as and when we have more information, we will either reschedule you trip for later in the year or next year, or we can cancel and refund your deposit.  If you wish to contact us to reschedule the please call us on 01925 265129.

We have launched a no deposit booking scheme for and new bookings, this allows you to book with confidence and you will be able to cancel at any point up to 14 days before hire, see here for more information.

Shop, Boat Safety Scheme and Maintenance

Back open 7 Days!

Again let me assure you your welfare is our priority, we have updated our cleaning policies and are regularly sanitising all contact points, door handles, card machine, worktops, etc

The shop now back open 7 Days a week. We will monitor this and comply with any government advice.  We believe diesel, coal, water, gas, pump out, elsan, etc have and are all essential supplies and services.  We are still getting supplies from all our suppliers and can order any special items in for you.

The Thorn Marine phone number has been on divert to Nigel's mobile whilst we have been closed this will now return to normal from this week.

Boat Safety Scheme back open!

Boat Safety Scheme Certificates was temporarily suspended but we a re now back doing them, if yours has lapsed you have until 31st July 2020 to get it done.  If your BSSC is due, please get in touch with us NOW as we are trying to get through the waiting list but more are added every day, we will add you to the list and get to you as soon as we can.  PLEASE read the following from the Boat Safety Scheme office as to the best practice during these difficult times;

Repairs and Maintenance

It is very much business as usual, we are booking in boats for maintenance and blacking so if you need work to be done please contact us.

Also if you are stuck or need supplies, etc then please get in touch and we will do what we can to help!

Solid fuel Warrington
Patio gas Warrington Cheshire

BBQ gas, LPG

No new BBQ gas sales, plenty of exchanges

We have been inundated with new LPG BBQ gas customers, Thank you.  Unfortunately our supplier has run out of new bottles, so we are unable to supply any new bottles we have exchange bottles in stock, but need to maintain this supply.  A new shipment of bottles was ordered in April and are due to be shipped any time now and be with our supplier by the middle of June.

The cost of the new bottles has increased and therefor what our supplier charges us, so we have had no choice to increase the bottle charge to £30.

Just a final word from us

Thanks for your help and understanding during these difficult times, the customers we have seen have been most supportive and we wouldn’t be hear with out you, as and when we know more we will update the site and Facebook, if you are unsure about anything, please give us a call and we will see what we can sort for you.

All the above is based on the latest information we can find,  there is a severe lack of it for our industry and it can change weekly! Please remember if the Virus starts to spread again restrictions could be reinstated.  We are a small Family run business without the huge turnovers and credit facilities of the larger higher companies and retail shops.  Wherever you shop, for whatever please try to shop local and support small businesses, it will have a dramatic effect on there families.

Please keep up to date and see the latest statements below form Canal and river trust and The Bridgewater Canal Co.

Keep Safe and Well

Margaret, Brian, Nigel and Dan

Thorn Marine