Gasoil (Red Diesel)

We supply Gasoil (Red Diesel) from a pump.  Gasoil is now the same product as DERV but with the addition of a red die and certain other markers.  Gas oil has about 40p per litre less tax than normal DERV

Supplies can be made direct to boats, all leisure craft must fill out a declaration, stating what percentage of the fuel is to be used for propulsion, you can declare what ever you think is appropriate.

Supplies can also be made in to suitable containers for use in non road going vehicles i.e. Tractors, diggers, tele-handlers, generators, heaters, jet washes, etc.  It is down to the customer to decide if you use of the fuel is inline with the requirements of using rebated fuels! (the rules are quite complicated depending on type of work and distances travelled on roads, etc)

Red Diesel CANNOT be used in road going vehicles, and if found face a fine of £2000!

We have a Duty of Care to ensure people are not breaking the law and anybody suspected WILL be reported to HMRC. as we could loose out licence to sell it