New electrics and inverter for Home James

Time for an upgrade

Since we bought Home James we have never been entirely happy with the electrics and the inverter.

So during Lockdown we decided to give it an upgrade, luckily Sandra and Jimmy from A.C.E. Electrics came to get fuel and water as there was no access to their own mooring and they had no work due to the lock down so I asked them to sort the electrics and the inverter. Time to pay it forward!  They sent me a list of things they needed and they came back later in the week to carry out the work.  Social distancing maintained and no one was on the boat the week before or the week after.

They did a great job!

New Isolators and wiring installed including a link switch to link both sets of batteries together in case of emergency.

New inverter is now 2.5 KW pure sign wave inverter and charger.

Earthing replaced

Home James has never been so sorted!

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