Good News for boat hire booking in 2020

Corona Virus and short break holiday bookings

Risk free booking for your 2020 holiday.

It’s a difficult time in the Boat Hire business for us and our customers, we have no idea what the future holds and let’s face it no one has a crystal ball, the experts don’t know when we are going to be back to normal following this pandemic! We still have plenty of bookings for later in the year but new booking have stopped due to the uncertainty.  The situation will get better,  Many people will be looking to have staycation rather than to risk going abroad, so once we get the all clear we think bookings will increase dramatically.

So what can we do to help you with you holiday plans for the rest of 2020, we hope the following will help:

  • To give you confidence that you can book with us without any risk, we are offering deposit free bookings for all short break boat hire, just simply book online and the system will ask you for your credit/debit card details but WILL NOT take a deposit or any future payments automatically, or you can give us a call and we can book you in over the phone. The deposit is normally £100.
  • You can reschedule or cancel your trip any time without penalty, upto 14 days before hire, after 14 days, you can still reschedule if the Covid-19 situation requires it.
  • The cost of your holiday will not need to be paid for until 14 days before you go,  we will not ask for payment of the balance of the lockdown/ restrictions are still place, normally balances are due 28 days before hire.
  • We will also deduct £50 from the total price as a thank you for booking during these uncertain times. Please enter the code COVID19 at check out.  We would appreciate it if you would put this to wards a meal in one of the pubs/cafes/shops along the canal whilst on your holiday, I am sure they will be grateful.

Autumn is a stunning time of year to holiday on the canals, with the leaves on the trees changing colour and the abundance of wild fruits etc on the canal bank.

For more information on short break boat hire from Thorn Marine please select one of the boats below;

Cheshire Cat

Home James


Please see the terms and conditions below;

  • We reserve the right to alter or remove these offers without notice.
  • Valid until 31st May or when the lockdown ends, whichever is the soonest.
  • Valid only for booking during 2020.
  • If not canceled or rescheduled before 14 days prior to departure the full amount is payable, unless lockdown is still in places or other coronavirus issues prevent it.
Boat Hire Home James waiting for the time to enter Saltesford tunnel
Boat hire on the Bridgewater Canal, Home Jame cruising past Walton Gardens

Autumnal Colours on the Bridgewater canal

Autumn on the Bridgewater Canal Grapenhall Cheshire
Autumn boat hire on the Bridgewater Canal Stockton heath cheshire


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