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Day boat Hire

When hiring a day boat there are many questions we regularly get asked here are some:

Q. Can We drink on board?

Yes, But we expect 2 people to remain sober at all times, it is illegal to drive a boat whilst under the influence of drugs or Alcohol.  Boats are dangerous places and accidents can and do happen, being Drunk on board will not help this!

Q. Can I bring my dog(s)?

Yes, we allow dogs on board, as long as you clean up after them and do not allow them on the seats (Bring a towel just incase!)

Q. Can we stop along the way?

Yes, you can stop anywhere on the towpath, lots of customers stop for lunch and either visit a Pub or bring a Picnic, have a look at places to visit, we always recommend booking in advance as most of the pubs are small country pubs.

Q. Can we visit a few pubs along the way?

Yes, you can, BUT remember, by the time you have slowed down, moored up, locked up, walked to the pub, had a drink and done it all in reverse it can take about an hour out of your day to visit one pub!  Also please remember that we expect 2 people to remain sober on the boat at all times.

Q. What do we need to bring?

All you food and drinks(drinking water is provided)

Warm clothes, it is always colder on the canal

Any thing you would normally take on a day out

Q. Can we cook onboard?

Yes there is a two ring, a grill and a small oven( to be honest the grill is not great)

If you want to do Bacon or sausage butties for breakfast we recommend you cook it all the night before, wrap it in foil and the fist thing you do what you get on the boat is put it all in the oven, by the time the handover is finished it will be heated through and ready to serve, it also saves on the washing up and cleaning that you would have to do!

Q. What time do we have to be back?

The retun time is now 4:00pm

Q. What happens if we are late back?

The terms and condition state that you will be charged £25 per half hour or part the of that you are late back!

There fore if you are 10 mins late you will be charged £25 if you are 38 Mins late you will be charged £50

There is a list in the manual of what time you need at certain locations in order to be back on time, as long as these time are followed the boat is not late back

Q. Can we go towards Preston Brook/Runcorn?

Yes you can, however you can only go as far the Preston brook tunnel entrance, we do not allow out day boast to go through, it 20 mins in the cold wet and dark and you have to turn round and come straight back through, so its not worth in anyway.

You can go down the Runcorn arm, but there is not much to see, its very urban.


Q. Will be receive a handover/ instruction?

Yes we will be spending about 20-30 mins with you going over the boat, handling, safety, etc and a short trip down the canal to ensure you can drive it

Q. What if we cant drive the boat?

You will have to prove to us that you are capable of driving a boat, its not to difficult, but rarely we do have parties that are not capable of driving the boat, it these circumstance we will no allow you to take the boat and no money will be refunded.  We can provide a driver at additional cost but we do need prior notice.

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